User Manuals, Product Documentation and CE Marking Translation

Product documentation and user manuals can be difficult to use if not written precisely, concisely, and with consistent terminology in appropriate language. Badly written these can detract from the quality of your product, and even cause confusion that leads to unnecessary product support queries or leave your customers with a bad sense about your product or leave them thinking they bought a cheap import.CE marking

We can help you proofread and develop your product literature using concise well written Clear English, including:

  • Working with or re-translating OEM’s badly translated documentation.
  • Working with your In-house Engineers to save you time and resources.
  • Working with your re-branding and marketing team.

To improve your manuals, and ensuring your CE compliance is easily achieved, and giving you a base for providing accurate in-house training and support to your organisation and customers.

We can also design your literature and publishing layouts and localise any software or firmware required in your product. As well as work with your Marketing team to design multilingual packaging for distribution and retail display.

The problems of readability and accessibility are compounded when poor documents need to be translated into other languages. Sales are lost and marketing opportunities are missed when translations are imprecise or indecipherable.

At we provide translators with relevant industry knowledge and expertise to produce precise translations for technical text in clear terms, working with your teams to ensure clarity, and allowing you to index your text for reuse across any other format, be it manual form, online support, email or support forum. Whether it’s a large multi-national project or a short document translation, we possess the expertise to ensure the service you need is delivered.

Our experienced Engineering Translators can assist you with translations related to industry specifications and instrumentation, technical patents and drawings, reports, plans and manuals for complex industrial processes, heavy machinery operation and health and safety guidelines, construction, white goods, electronic and electrical equipment to name but a few.

Localisation is particularly important when translating technical documents. Our technical translators are adept at the process of culturally adapting and localising content according to the idioms and nuances of individual language and cultures.

You can rely on us to look after your localisation and technical needs, to manage your content as well as your costs.

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