Interpreting by Speciality

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There are countless situations in our lives today where good communication is key. Successful interpreting requires more than just language fluency, but also area specific expertise. provides speciality interpreting services so everyone can be part of the conversation.

We have interpreters of all specialities, available on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our specialised interpreting services:

  • Legal interpreting Our trained legal interpreters are knowledgeable in legal terminology and experienced in all situations from court proceedings, private consultations to prison visits.
  • Medical interpreting We are here when you need us most. Our medical interpreters provide a compassionate, reliable and completely confidential service for any medical setting.
  • Community and social interpretingAllowing equal access to services for all non native speakers within our community. Our interpreters help ease communication in any area of community and social life, they can even blend into social events for a seamless and versatile interpreting option.Irish Sign Language Interpreting
  • Irish Sign Language interpreting (ISL) All those with hearing disabilities should have access to clear communication in their own language (ISL). We have skilled ISL interpreters available for any situation.
  • Health and Safety interpretingWhatever your health and safety training needs, we can ensure that all of your staff have a clear understanding of your best practices.

Not only are all of our interpreters highly skilled in their chosen field; at, we require all team members to conform to our strict confidentiality policy. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your sensitive information is kept safe and never shared by your interpreter with anyone else, ever.

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