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Thank you very much for reading this page we are glad you are looking up how we use the data you sent us. Our promise is always to respect our customers and to be honest with your data, we always have been, but we need to be able to tell you about it too.

How we use the Personal Data You Submit To Us on forms on this website:

  • We will only use the data you submit on forms on our website to respond to your query.
  • We hate spam as much as you do and we will not automatically sign you up to any newsletters or marketing emails without your prior permission.
  • We will not sell or provide your data to any other third party. Nor will we interrogate your data for analysis without your permission.
  • The details you enter on this form will only be used to identify you as a customer and to fulfil your request for quotation so that we can serve you in the best way possible.

We will keep a record of your details associated with the quotation in our management system so we can manage your account. If necessary, we may require further details from you to be able to send you invoices, or to identify you as a company or to carry out administrative and accounting tasks, but we will ask you that when that becomes necessary.
We are very proud to say that if you proceed with the quotation we have a secure online payment system. There will be a link in the quotation email where you can pay securely online using Realex, where your credit card details never leave your control, or you might have to provide them over the phone. We are of course PCI compliant too, and if it is convenient for you we are very happy to provide our bank details to make a payment.
What works best for you is best for us.
You have many rights under the GDPR (general data protection regulations) if you have any queries or doubts.

Please check here:
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