Liaison Interpreting

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Liaison InterpretingLiaison Interpreting is also known as Bilateral Interpreting. This type of interpreter service allows real time interaction between two or more parties. This allows meaningful communication back and forth in multiple languages. Liaison interpreting is mainly used during business meetings, interviews or negotiations that involve two or more participants.  As such it works best with smaller groups.

Our Liaison Interpreters are proficient in BOTH languages

Bilateral Interpreting Ireland
It’s not enough for an interpreter to have only a working knowledge of the host language. In other words, they can’t only be proficient in the translated language. For good communication to occur, they must be excellent communicators in all of the languages being spoken. Our interpreters are proficient in all languages being spoken at your meeting. Only in this way will they be able to interpret effectively. 

They translate during natural pauses in speech so that the conversation flows smoothly

Liaison interpreters interpret after a natural pause in a short speech, or after each sentence is completed. This is ideal for confidential or sensitive situations where effective communication is key; such as in counselling or therapy settings.

Liaison interpreting requires training, experience and a great deal of skill. Each of our interpreters are able to convey thoughts, expressions and nuances from language to language which is why it be so important that they are fluent in both.

It’s as much about semantics as it is about translation

The interpreter’s goal is to precisely convey the semantics, tone and mood of the communication between participants. This is what true communication is all about and it has been the cornerstone on which is built. The interpreter we send to you has been specially selected and well trained to ensure that they can be effective in the specific situation they are being hired for. This is true whether it is a sensitive business meeting, a trade negotiation, legal procedure or even something more personal like a medical consultation or therapy session.

Liaison interpreting is very adaptable and good for many situations

No specialist equipment is needed for liaison interpreting so it is easy to set up. Our interpreters will even keep multilingual session notes to ensure that decisions and next steps are captured. These notes are shared after the meeting and then deleted.

Liaison Interpretation is suitable for informal meetings between private individuals, small business meetings or counselling sessions. Some times there is a fun and informal side to liaison interpreting, including assisting at functions and weddings or acting as a chaperone for someone visiting a new country. In all of these scenarios our liaison interpreters will blend into the setting as seamlessly as possible to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

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