Website Localisation

Your website should speak the same ‘languages’ as your customers

Website Localisation IrelandWebsite localisation is much more than simple website translation. Your business website can be the most important piece of communication between you and your customers.  It’s where they come to form opinions about the products and services you offer.  Whether they can rely on you and to find out what makes you better than your competition.

When your customers communicate more comfortably in other languages or when they live in other parts of the world, your website needs to perform in the same way as it does in its original language.

This is more than just a straight translation.

How can Website Localisation help your business?

Your website must act as a successful marketing tool for your business, in any language. The same thought and attention to the needs of your customer will need to be applied when speaking to new audiences from different cultures, who speak different languages.

The way an Irish salesperson relates to their customers at home is completely different from the way you would want to relate to an Arabic or Japanese customer. Each different culture has its own unique customs, conventions, and ways of relating to each other. To effectively market internationally, you must speak in a way that resonates with each local market.

Localising your website into another language is both translating the content to make it understandable for another audience, while also adapting it so that your brand message is clearly communicated in a way that the target audience will relate to. We work closely with our clients to ensure communication in new markets.

We will make sure that:

  • Your user documentation is clear and compliant with target language regulations.
  • Language conventions are applied in terms of linguistic quality and cultural adaptation.
  • Your marketing message is adequately conveyed and appeals to the target audience.

Every website localisation project will come with technical challenges of one kind or another.  We can work with your technical team or we can engineer the whole solution. You will be faced with challenges about how to present and serve up translated pages and how to best manage content on the various versions of your site. We have various connectors to manage content directly in and out of your website. We have in-house skills to build up all your multilingual content and get it hosted in the correct way. We can manage your Search Engine Optimisation and ad campaigns in a different language too.

On a Budget?

website localisation translationIf your budget is tight or would like to take baby steps towards launching into new markets, then you may not initially require the localisation of your entire website. Our experienced team also offers a service that will focus on the sections that are most likely to attract customers. This is a great starting point and is a proven strategy to make your global entrance. is here to offer expertise and support; we are only one click away.

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