App & Game Localisation

Apps & Games speak a unique language

Game Localisation or mobile app localisation requires a highly managed approach.  While the volume of text can be quite small, translating the text of the content is only part of the story.

Transcreation of the content and adapting the style of the text is important too. The major portion of the work involves working with graphical elements such as bitmaps or fonts. However an integrated management system that can handle a very wide variety of file types is essential to ensure rapid production deadlines. Similarly a high level of test and review is required.  In this way, this work can be very technical and requires an experienced expert.

Even when there’s not a lot of words…

app and game localisation service
There’s not much text in this game…but that’s not the whole story

We all remember this game. At first glance, you would think there is not much text involved. But, what about the scoreboard?  It might require special figures or a different language. Entering the highest score would require instruction. An introduction to the game or where to buy similar items would need to be expressed in other languages. The titles and EULA should be comprehensible in every market. And that is just using this very simple game as an example. Most of today’s apps and games require much more in the way of translation and transcreation support than might first be apparent.

We work in ALL formats

We can take files in many formats, source text, source code, string tables, resource files, RESX or libraries etc. and translate and transform them into a format ready for any build.

The variety of methods used for development is so wide that it is best to decide from the planning stage which methods you will use to implement your localisation strategy. We work at this critical stage with the development team to ensure a good build from the ground-up. We use various text extraction systems to ensure that the text is reusable from one format to another.  Then, when you decide to change things in the design of the game, those changes are made most accurately and in the shortest time.

app localisation serviceIf your game or app is text-heavy or story based, we can leverage the text during the creative stage and match it against the final production processes so that we localise in conjunction with ongoing development. Correct interpretation of content and transcreation of theme and style is critical for maintaining the integrity of the original concept. The end user experience is compromised if the product is not sensitive to cultural differences and the target language is not presented correctly.

When it comes to testing, this means we can test in multiple markets simultaneously and get to launch faster. We can help with straight translation or the creation of unique variants for each market and language. Also, if video subtitling or voiceover is a a big part of your game content we can do that too.

Market Research is the most important thing

game localisation service

We work with clients during the planning stage to assess the potential for the game or app in different parts of the world. We help to conduct and identify critical research and data that helps guide localisation efforts for different parts of the world.

For example: While it is true that game revenue in China is currently the highest in the world, we would check that the select genre and style would work there. This is equally true if you are adapting a Chinese game to a western market. Industry sources and distribution channels tell us how popular most games types and genres are. Furthermore, our team lends deeper understanding of compatibility and adoption of technology in various markets to help gauge success for our clients in different parts of the world.

Check out game developer statistics on sites such as Google’s play store, Apple’s App store, Steam, GOG or and don’t forget players like Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX.  This is just a small example of the ways we assist clients in the early stages of game and app transcreation and localisation.

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