Software Localisation

Software Localisation

Software LocalisationIn today’s global market, software users prefer the products they can comfortably use in their own language, that have adapted to their culture. At, we can be the bridge between your product and your global audience. Our Software Localisation Services offer a comprehensive approach to help you overcome cultural barriers to help your products reach each of your target audiences. Software localisation is a combination of ensuring the accuracy of the message in your platform is preserved while at the same time ensuring the delivery is culturally accurate respecting the message of the original content. Software localisation does not always have to be about text; any manner of multimedia comes under the banner of localisation when it comes to software applications. 

We translate and localise your software for:

  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • Gaming
  • Graphic and Audio Visual Media
  • PC and Mobile Apps 
  • Educational Materials

Software Localisation dublinWe will work with your software development team while you build your application. We can provide support in the development process to ensure you achieve your localisation goals efficiently and cost effectively. Our rapid production processes mean we can begin to localise while you continue your development. This means that by managing concurrent versions you can get to market faster when your product is ready for launch.  So you can test in any market or locale simultaneously and get your product launched as time and cost efficiently as possible.

Our Software Localisation services include:

  • Project analysis and planning
  • Cultural, technical and linguistic assessment and creation of reference material
  • Localisation of user interface
  • Localisation of user manuals and any other print materials
  • Script translations
  • Graphics localisation
  • QA and testing
  • Project delivery

At, we provide translation and localisation in a wide variety of formats for any genre. We accept files in many formats, for example, source text, string tables, resource files, RESX, libraries, Database exports or HTML/XML.  We can synchronise with content with our content management and translation management system to provide live version control. Seamlessly translate and transform them into a format ready for you to include in your builds. We can also translate and localise your User Interface (UI), scripts, manuals, promotional and marketing material, websites, games, apps, blogs and newsletters. In many cases a Transcreation approach may be appropriate instead of a translation approach and we can integrate that process too even if you are still working on your source content. 

Our Team

Software Localisation irelandWe will accurately interpret content and themes in your software, providing a translation service that will maintain the integrity of your original concept while localising it to your new market. The end user experience is compromised if the product is not sensitive to cultural differences or the target language is not presented correctly. Our team is familiar with your unique domains and audience to ensure the quality of your product is preserved.
Our team of technical translators hail from educational disciplines such as Engineering and IT and are well equipped to deal with the unique challenges faced in media translation.
If video or voice over is an element of your content or media we have solutions for that too.

Let us find the best and most cost effective model for your product. Contact for more information.