Game Localisation

Game Localisation or mobile app localisation requires a highly managed approach, although usually the volume of text is quite small, translating the text of the content is only part of the story. Transcreation of the content and adapting the style of the game text is important too.  The major portion of the work involves working with graphical elements such as bitmaps or fonts. However an integrated management system that can handle a very wide variety of file types is essential to ensure rapid production deadlines and product launches are met. Similarly a high level of test and review is required. We will set out from the beginning how to achieve the best localisation process for your game.


anyone for tennis
Game localisation, there’s not very much text in this successful game, but that’s not the whole story.

Even though there is not much text in this game, you might consider that from a Game Localisation perspective that the scoreboard could be in Chinese, Arabic or any other Asian number format. The titles and EULA should all be comprehensible to your market too. Oh yeah! there’s marketing and social media too of course! So we are sure that you’ve visited us looking for a quality solution rather than leveraging a cool cheap app to do all that localisation for you. provide translation and localisation services in a wide variety of formats.

We can take files in many formats, source text, source code, string tables, resource files, RESX or libraries etc. and translate and transform them into a format ready for you to include in your builds. The variety of methods deployed in game development is so wide it is best to decide from the planning stage which methods you will use to implement your game localisation strategy. To this end we will work with your software development team so you can build your application efficiently. We use various text extraction and leveraging systems to ensure that the text is reusable from one format to another when you decide to change things in the design of the game.


If your game is text heavy or story based, we can leverage the text during the creative stage and match it against the final production processes so that we can localise in conjunction with your development. Correct interpretation of content and the theme and the style of your software is critical for maintaining the integrity of the original concept in the localization process. The end user experience is compromised if the product is not sensitive to cultural differences and the target language is not presented correctly.


When it comes to testing this means you can test in any market or locale simultaneously and get your product to launch faster and handle any updates much quicker. Whether you decide to build a fully locaisable game or a unique variant and build of you game for each locale.

If video subtitling or voiceover is a a big part of your game content we can help with that too.


Market Research

Having said that;  showing you that we can help in the development of your localised game, it is a good idea at the initial planning stages to examine what types and styles of games are popular in the target market you are aiming for before departing on an adventure in game localisation. The results you find may be a major factor in deciding how to localise your game.


For example: While it is true that game revenue in China is currently the highest in the world, you should check that your genre and style will work there, equally true if you are adapting a Chinese game to a western market. Industry sources and distribution channels can tell you how popular most games types and genres are. Of course not forgetting that android devices are by far the most popular game platform in China while at the same time most games are sideloaded APKs because the Google play store is currently blocked there.


Check out game developer statistics on sites such as Google’s play store, Apple’s App store, Steam, GOG or and don’t forget players like Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBOX.


Contact to arrange to discuss your requirement and evaluate the most suitable and cost effective model for you. Game On!

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