Overseas Property

Buying or selling an overseas property?

Overseas Property Translation ServicesWhen dealing with overseas property sales, one of the more frustrating aspects is the confusing and time consuming task of document translation.  Don’t pay more than you need or waste time and money buying or disposing of overseas property. At Translation.ie, we’re here to make your life easier by taking the stress out of your overseas property transactions.

Some of the benefits of choosing us for your overseas property dealings:

  • 24-hour Interpreting and translation service best rates available.
  • Experienced & professional legal interpreters and translators available for all matters related to your overseas property purchases.
  • Certified translated copies of your legal documentation.
  • Telephone Interpreting to help you close the deal.
  • Quality Guaranteed professionals carry out all translations.

In the arena of property sales; effective communication is not only an advantage, it’s the key to success. At Translation.ie, we provide translators specialising in overseas property, who will accurately translate all of your documents quickly and efficiently.

Added Extras

overseas property translation serviceIn addition to the most highly skilled translators, we offer the service of our overseas property interpreters during both negotiations and completion of the sale. They are available to work over the phone as well as in person to ensure a consistent service and are always native speakers of the target language; so highly capable of interpreting between both parties effectively.

Translation.ie is able to work in cooperation with your legal representatives whether they be in Ireland, the UK or worldwide for all of your overseas property ventures. Moreover, we hold both ISO 9001:2015 and EN 17100:2015 certifications, assuring you of the highest of quality standards so you can be sure that your overseas property sales are in the most competent hands.

Don’t pay over the odds for your translations!

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