International Marketing

If you have a website, you’re an International Marketer

International Marketing

Or, at least, you could be. The digital revolution brought the world to your doorstep, so to speak.

More and more becomes possible with the ability to engage and communicate with new customers across the globe.

Of course, if you are going to communicate to them, you need to speak their language.

That’s where comes in!

We are passionate about communication in every language. We work with marketers from around the world to help them connect with global audiences in many languages.  

It’s more than just straight translation

Some marketers assume that an effective marketing approach from one part of the world is automatically transferable to another; that simply by translating messages into a new language will do the trick.

Successful brands work with because they understand the importance of culture and community beyond mere language. Different cultures will respond and react to marketing messages in different ways.  We help our clients navigate this kind of complexity.

This is how we do it

We start with a consultation to ensure that we understand the ‘go-to-market’ strategy as well as familiarize ourselves with their products or service. Next, we review all existing research into the target market; their potential usage and attitudes. If this research does not exist, we work with our client and partners to fill these gaps in our understanding.

We endeavour to understand the purchase journey and how customers are expected to engage with our client’s product or service. By walking a mile in their customer’s shoes, we get a much better sense of what to expect.

At this point, our trained subject-matter experts review any existing marketing assets and content to gauge and predict how it will be received in the new market; in a different language.

Our hope is that existing materials be repurposed as much as possible to ensure the best cost efficiency for our clients, but sometimes adjustments or a change in direction is indicated.  We walk through this, shoulder to shoulder with our client.

Then we are ready to create language and culture-appropriate marketing content ready for launch in the new market. We put to work cutting-edge internet technologies to develop multilingual communications strategies and deliver marketing messages to target audiences around the globe.

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