Technical Translation

Technical translation

At, we are proud of our team of more than 3,000 trained and experienced technical translators. For over ten years, we have been servicing the language requirements of, among others, medical, legal, business, engineering, software, IT and financial firms in Ireland.

Our highly trained and experienced Project Management team matches your requirements to the team of linguists with the specific knowledge required for your technical document. The TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) Assurance System guarantees a quality final product., in adherence to our ISO 9001:2015 and EN 17100:2015 accreditation, produces a high volume of quality translation, localisation and review projects in all languages. Turnaround times for technical translations are scoped based on client requirements, volumes and project specifics.

Legal Translations:

We are proud to have produced our own legal glossaries that guarantee legal terminology is accurately and consistently applied. READ MORE.

Medical Translations:

Our team of experienced, linguists are always ready to take care of all your medical document requirements. READ MORE.

Financial Translations:

We translate, localise, revise and proofread all types of finance-related documents. READ MORE.

Engineering Translations:

Our linguists possess the relevant industry knowledge to produce precise translations for the engineering industry. READ MORE.