Your Language Department

Your Language Department

Have you considered the sum total of the cost of all of your internal resources currently used to manage and create and control content for translation and publication in your organisation?

Can you imagine a one-stop-shop that takes care of the entire range of language needs of your business? Somewhere you can call on for all of your translation requirements for whatever type of documents you need to produce? A provider of interpreters for an array of international languages, around the clock? A virtual Multilingual Services Desk that provides language support and document control for all of your business activities?website localization translation

We can take away all the extra administration you deal with managing the arduous tasks of producing documents and managing content and presenting it different formats, in a professional, efficient and quality controlled manner at a fraction of your own in house costs and labour time.

Have you considered the prospect of breaking into new international markets but were daunted by the communications barriers? Do you ever envisage the enormous potential profit and growth for your company in overseas expansion but balk at the logistics involved in investing in interpreting and translating services?

translation outsourcing servicesWe have a superbly efficient and cost effective solution to these dilemmas. With our Multilingual Services Desk suite of services we provide end to end management for your linguistic requirements. This executive service is centrally managed by our highly experienced and qualified pool of linguistic experts and project managers who take your existing resources to the next level.

We guarantee production of high level documents, complete with perfect DTP formatting, saving you time and money on peripheral activities. We translate and localise websites, user manuals and product documentation. We provide first level bilingual customer service representatives and level 1 telephone support for sales and technical support or emergency response, 24/7 or out of hours in any language. We also provide ancillary support such as language training and testing, and storage solutions for your scanned documents.

With the support of our Multilingual Services Desk, you can feel completely confident in the global economy. While at the same time outsourcing an existing overhead at a cost saving to you.

For more information or to discuss a solution that suits your requirements, please contact Ronan or email

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