Document Scanning and Data Processing Solutions

Document Scanning and Data Processing Solutions

Document Scanning and Data Processing

Whether you want to scan a document that needs translation and send it to us for a quote, or if you have more complex requirements for the paperwork received and generated in your office, we can help. has solutions for handling, converting and storing all types of documents and volumes that you need to retain in electronic format. Document scanning and Data Processing has saved our clients countless hours by the scanner and provided easily searchable and indexable texts, that can then be used in countless ways.

Each storage option presents its own obstacles and requires a considered, specialised solution. By outsourcing your document scanning, and handling  tasks to, you will ultimately save you time, money and all-important resources, letting you focus on to your business productivity. Scanning your documents to digital format will help you to keep better track of everything, as well as reducing operational costs and providing efficient, secure access to your documents whenever needed.

Our IT team applies intelligent search methods to help you connect knowledge from the documents and a very good way to find out what information you control and what facts documents contain in a concise manner.   If your documents are from an overseas office in a different language we can of course convert them into your language of choice using methods that are appropriate for your budget and purpose.

Just some of the typical applications include:scanning services dublin

  • Archiving and Indexing Before Disposal or Document Storage.
  • Managing Financial Documents.
  • Managing Delivery Note and Stock Transaction Paperwork.
  • Data Entry Tasks.
  • Converting Documents for Editing.
  • Recovering Documents.
  • Archiving and Research Tasks.
  • Processing Survey Research Data.
  • Scanning and Conversion to a Content Management System.
  • Scanning and Conversion for Transcription into a Data Retrieval System.
  • Scanning and Conversion or for Translation Projects.
  • Method to read thousands of pages quickly to find out what information they contain.

How Document scanning and data processing works

document scanning Dublin
At, we have the technology to efficiently scan and index your documents for storage on your own business servers or your cloud. Our system can convert most document types or typefaces in as many languages you require and we will also verify these so that they can be indexed for archiving and future search.
Our advanced processing can include full document recreation for editing, translation or the creation of aligned texts to create translation memories for content management systems to help with your publishing, legal, marketing, and even engineering requirements. Of course, as every business has unique needs, our solutions are tailor-made to help your business thrive.

We are in strict adherence with industry standards and have both ISO 9001:2015 and EN 17100:2015 certifications; assuring the quality of service we provide and complete protection of your data as outlined in our data protection policy. We also require all staff to sign up to our confidentiality policy and any specific confidentiality policy you may require for your peace of mind; none of our team will ever disclose any information processed by to anyone, without your express instruction.

Please contact us today on 01 6520760 or email us at for more information or for a personalised quotation.