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For ‘End Clients’ & also ‘LSP’s’ CAT Tools Compatibility and Integration

If you are a Business or an LSP that already uses CAT tools, we can also work with your in-house CAT tools. Our system has been designed to be compatible with all standard language exchange formats, to take your translation management solutions to the next level.

We can even give you access to our private hosted TMS with full access to the entire translation process and admin rights for your own projects if this is something you require. We are also fully equipped to take care of your software localisation, text extraction, and document rebuilding as well as all website and DTP processes. Alternatively, you can advise us on what level of interaction you might require going as far as inserting your own internal and external resources into the workflow.

At we adhere to strict confidentiality, privacy, security, and data protection measures to assure the safety and privacy of both you and your clients. can handle almost any file type so if you have another file type to analyse please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our helpful team members will be happy to assist. We even accept emailed files to aid in this process.

Computer-Assisted Translation – For End Clients

What are CAT tools and how do we use them? CAT Tools and Resources explained for the beginner and the uninitiated and how we use these to improve our service to you.

Computer-Assisted Translation/Computer Aided Translation “CAT” is a technical tool widely used within the translation industry to aid in the speed and efficiency of translations should not be confused with Machine Translation or our purring friendly feline friends.

CAT tools allow us to translate your content faster and more consistently from one job to the next by establishing style rules and terminology based on your existing content and reusing as much of our initial translations as the project progresses in order to expedite and, of course, to save you money. CAT tools use Translation Memories (TM) which are intelligent databases of sentences, paragraphs, and phrases that have already been translated thus giving tracts of text ready to reuse wherever necessary; thus saving time and money.

In modern times CAT tools have evolved from simple computer software into complex and integrated solutions and integrated systems.

At we utilise all of the major CAT tool software to leverage the best value for you and your clients. We can create TM’s (Translation Memories) from your existing translations to help you reuse what you have already paid for and need to re-leverage value from. By using text extraction technologies built on to our servers and integrating and exchanging texts between CAT tools we can extract text from a multitude of document types to share and collaborate texts in a standard exchange format. This process can exponentially speed up your translation timelines by reusing your texts and obtaining the highest possible value from your existing text translations.

At times when you need a high volume of content localised (Translated), we will employ Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools whenever we have a chance to improve or service to you.

Leveraging and extracting texts on our servers texts from a multitude of document formats and rebuilding them after translation also allows us to save you on production cost and final formatting and significantly reduces your turnaround time and lowers your total project costs.

Evidently, CAT tool is a valuable resource, saving a great deal of working time, supporting a multitude of file formats, and offering enhanced functionality and ultimately helping speed up your translation.

Our system allows managers, translators, and reviewers to access and edit the same document simultaneously to collaborate effectively.

The benefits of using CAT tools in conjunction with our teams of translators and reviewers is that more work can be produced in a shorter timeframe with consistent terminology use. Using review in conjunction with, QA analysis and management tools increase the efficiency of the entire translation process.

Following the extraction process of your texts, our servers can then use these texts within private Machine Translation engines (MT). These systems provide unrivaled value for money in cases of budget restriction and masses of text needing to be translated. However, one of the downsides to automatic machine translation systems is that they are, naturally, not sophisticated enough to produce the same high-quality translations as human translation offers; as such, this is where our highly trained, professional translators and reviewers come into the equation.

It is important to note that we never machine translate your content without your prior approval and acceptance and in the instances that this method is required there is a detailed follow-up process requiring additional interim steps to accept, reject or rework the initial machine output. These steps are carried out by our diligent and professional team before passing the work on to the Translation, Edit, and Proofreading (TEP) processes carried out by professional human translators before offering the final project to you.

For further inquiries or with any questions please contact us directly by phone or email at, or if you’d prefer you can securely upload a document in PDF or DOCX format for a no-obligation quotation.