Translation without breaking the bank

You might be like some and consider translation to be an additional expense, while many successful businesses already understand the benefits. You might be considering translating content or localising your software, website or product manuals but do not have sufficient funds to engage with a language provider.

No matter how big or small your company is, can assist you in reaching your target audience and new customers outside your local market. This can also be achieved without breaking the bank.

At we aim to ensure the best quality for our clients regardless of their budget and would like to offer some tips to those who might be considering using a language service provider but are concerned about the potential costs involved.

Based in Ireland, we are also excellently positioned to be probably one of the most competitively priced services you will encounter. We treat all our customers equally well, no matter how large or small. If we have a technology or a process that could lead to reduced translation costs, it is available to all. We call it “working with you”.

Consider carefully what you need to be translated

Before you contact us, think carefully about what you require to be translated. Prioritise your material and translate only what is absolutely necessary. If you do not have the budget to translate everything you want, choose the most useful parts/sections/documents for your business and start with them. Don’t forget that translation [post-editing and proofreading too] is only one part of the whole process of localising or publishing content in another language, but don’t stress as we can help you with that too.

Be concise with your content

When you are writing content that will need to be translated, keep it as short and concise as possible. Even though translation may be a small part of your localisation project, the more words in your text, the higher the price you will have to pay. Consider the format in which you will deliver the content and ask us how we can help you work with different document types to reduce your publication time and cost.

Run the spell check and proofread your source text

Make sure to check your grammar and spelling before sending the text for translation. Correctly written source files can help you to avoid amendment charges if mistakes have to be corrected later on and will ensure that you get the best value for your translations. Well-written, concise text is easier and less expensive to translate than convoluted text. Translators and proofreaders will of course aim to ensure your target text is perfect and well written, but don’t underestimate the benefits of your investment in reusable source language segments.

Provide your content in editable format

In order to avoid paying higher management, file handling, engineering and editing fees, consider providing the text for translation in a widely-used editable format or an acceptable interchange format (e.g. DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, RTF, TXT, HTML, XML, IDML, DXF). Please ask for a list of the file types we can best deliver to you.

Ask about a specific or customised Translation Memory

If you require something translated quite often, or you routinely update large documents with small changes, ask us about the use of Translation Memory. Translation Memory is a linguistic database where all your past translations are stored and reused when translating new material.

We can work with Your Vendors

If you outsource DTP, packaging, manuals, websites, software, publishing or marketing in general, we can definitely help you save a significant amount of money. We can work directly with your vendors to get the most efficient solution for producing the shortest and quickest route to completion. By using source files that are compatible with your process or your vendor’s process, we can cut the development and publication time which often involves labour copying, pasting multilingual texts, additional levels of double checking and dealing with cost and font constraints. As a result, we can produce a very simplified and smooth process, thereby delivering finished quality work in most formats.