Language Review Services

Translated content must still be ‘on brand’

Translating something into a different language also needs to take into account the tone, personality and unique expression of the original content.  When a company wishes to translate their content into different languages, they still want it be an expression of who they are as an organization.  It should reflect their personality and their character.  It should be ‘on brand’. helps different kinds of businesses with their translation and localisation needs in a way that best reflects their own unique voice. We recognise and support the importance of having a consistent brand tone. This is a key ingredient for our translation and language teams to get right which is why we use the best and most highly trained personnel in the industry.

Some of our clients have worked with numerous interpreting companies and have collected a mass of translated content from a variety of sources. We work with them to ensure that these various pieces are harmonised and adjusted to have a consistent flow.

Our Language Review Service is essentially a comprehensive solution to harmonise and unify localised content. Our expert team provide a full review of all current and future translated content and then make the necessary edits to ensure brand consistency and tone of voice.

They also:

  • Verify & edit for translation accuracy
  • Edit for terminology consistency
  • Cross reference for content accuracy
  • Validate all source and data references

An end-to-end service

language review services

From start to finish our skilled translators will assess and evaluate all content for accuracy, tone, context and cross-references. Performance reports will be set up as an ongoing tool to monitor language content in every language. This puts our clients firmly in control of their multilingual marketing efforts while ensuring consistency and accuracy across every piece of content they publish.

Whether it’s a large scale review or just an ad-hoc project, has the team, the expertise and ability to tailor our language review techniques to meet all needs. 

To learn more about our Language Review Services, or to request a no obligation quotation please contact us.