Multimedia Translation

Multimedia Translation

Multimedia content is one of the most important means of communication today. Almost every company and internet user rely on a broad spectrum of multimedia content to communicate with their customers or to find and view information, Multimedia Translation is also common in reviewing interviews and conducting investigations.

If your multimedia content is being presented in a single language, you won’t be able to communicate meaningfully with your wider customer base. The need for high quality multimedia translations is a must for anyone wanting to convey their message in a precise, accurate and culturally sensitive way.
Applications suitable for multimedia translation can be as diverse as a transcript of a phone call recording, or video interview and translating that into a another language, or translation, subtitling and voice over of video media in a wide range of applications, from marketing to entertainment. Depending on the type of source media and the application you require a there is a wide range of completely different approaches available depending on your budget and your target audience.

Our services are available for the following settings:multimedia translation dublin

  • Educational Films
  • Radio/Television Broadcasts
  • Software
  • Animation
  • Interviews
  • Depositions
  • Movie Scripts
  • Audio Files
  • DVDs/Videos
  • And more…


Subtitling is one of the staples of multimedia translation services. We have the extraction and conversion tools so that we can get your subtitle layer and reproduce that into the same format efficiently and quickly. If necessary we can transcribe your audio into the primary subtitle layer, a review of your formats will determine best and most cost effective approach. Subtitling is far more than just simple translation, it requires precise creativity to capture the substance and ‘feel’ of the original programme while making sure the that the audience understands the spoken word through the written content. This is a fine balancing act of content and context. Our talented translators offer you the highest quality subtitling for any form of video including television, web-only videos, advertisements, educational DVDs, webcasts and many more.

Voice-Over (Dubbing)

multimedia translation.ieWith multimedia now reaching further afield in the global market than ever before, the appetite for more accurate multimedia translation and interpretation is at an all-time high. We can help you work out a solution that is appropriate for your needs, whether you need polished and well know voice over stars or low cost native speakers. Analysis of your processes, your production capabilities, your expectations and your budget will help you determine the correct solution, and we work with you from the initial enquiry to help you work that out.  As is often the case good practice dictates that audio sample are provided for approval during the instigation of a project , not only by way of auditioning the voice over artist but also to examine in advance the quality of the proposed solution. We are happy to work with you to get this done too.
The increase in popularity of voice-over or ‘dubbing’ attests to this. This is a preferred method by many to consume content that originates in another language.

The voice over artist requires a lot of skill and time insofar as a “one-stop” solution is concerned that involves interpretation, transcription and adding voice over in sync with video. Thus multimedia interpreters are highly specialised in their field. No matter what the medium, they will perfectly interpret into the native languages of your wider audiences.
This route may not however be the best route for you, depending on the volume of audio that needs to be voiced over, an analysis of the material and deciding if the material is for director edits and the cutting room floor or for final release will determine if breaking the steps up into smaller parts is practical. It is possible that transcription, then translation and then lower cost is faster and less costly.
Effective voice-over allows people to focus on the imagery, and fully immerse themselves in the content forgetting any hindrance of a language barrier. Let help you to break down the walls to communication.

Why choose us?

audiovisual translation has worked with industry-leading media and entertainment companies on a wide range of projects. We also work day in day out with investigators and legal firms handling a wide array of video audio and multimedia formats. We also have inhouse technical resources to handle multimedia string files and other formats found in software for localisation and gaming. We have developed knowledge and expertise in the field of multimedia translation, ensuring our translators and interpreters offer the highest of standards for your multimedia translation project and we provide the support necessary to ensure you get a great service and that the project is successful. offers a full range of Multimedia Solutions, including transcription services, voiceovers, audio and video localisation, animation, subtitling and post-production. Commercial productions often opt for online rich-media content and programs to deliver their educational and marketing message to users all over the world including using famous actors as voice over artists, if you want that, we can be an essential part of your team too. Whatever the medium, at, we can assist you in customising your end product for your specific markets.

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