Quality Acreditiation

Quality Accreditation

Spanning the linguistic universe from Arabic to Zande, we have extensive experience translating and localizing material in more than 200 languages, including minority dialects. We hold quality accreditation to ISO 9001:2015 and EN17100:2015 ensuring that our certification is recognized by the government and official institutions and organisations within the EU and globally. In addition to this, we can proudly assert that all translated documents are fully certified by Translation.ie.

quality accreditation translation.ieEN17100 is a European quality standard developed to provide a certification process and a  universally standardized approach to quality control for translation service providers (TSPs). It is used by the EU as a real benchmark for quality translation services. It offers us, and you, our client, a description and definition of the entire translation process from commissioning to delivery and it lays out strict guidelines for Translation Service Providers to follow during each stage of the process.

This may all sound a bit convoluted and ‘wordy’ but essentially, it means that we use only qualified translators and guarantees that translations are reviewed by a second person other than the original translator; to really ensure the highest of standards are met. The standard even specifies the professional competencies required of each of the contributors to the translation journey.


All of these requirements serve to compliment the impeccable professional dedication and adherence to Translation.ie‘s own high standards by all of our linguists and project management staff alike, allowing us to offer you a reliable service with the added bonus of the official accreditation of these industry standards.


At Translation.ie, we meticulously adhere to the three primary requirements of the quality standard:


  • quality translationsExperienced translators with a recognised qualification and an equivalent qualification in another specialisation.
  • A minimum of two individuals performing translations and reviews.
  • A requirement for reviewers to have translation experience of the subject in question.


EN 17100 also monitors the processes used for the overall management of the translation project from acceptance of the order to delivery, specifies the need for the correct technology and communication equipment and the need for a documented quality management system, as is the case ISO 9001.


This compliance is a guarantee that you are receiving a high-end service from accomplished translators, editors, and proofreaders working within an ethical, customer-oriented environment.


As Translation.ie project manages all of your translation and localisation needs, you are always guaranteed quality assurance and unrivaled service from the beginning to the end of the process.


View our ISO9001 Certificate or EN17100 Certificate.


Contact us by email or by phone if you would like to talk about your requirements without any obligation on your part, we are always happy to tailor solutions to your needs and budgets.


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