What works in one part of the world…

We help our clients adapt products, services and content for local markets.  What works in one part of the world does not automatically work somewhere else.  This is why localization is so important for business and service providers.

Localization is a special service consisting of equal-parts translation and consultation.  Translation alone will not make allowance for the nuance of cultural and target group differences from one market to the next.  Here, using highly trained native speakers, we are better able to evaluate and make direct recommendations to improve the receptivity to your product, service or content.

Localization creates the User Experience you want

It is tech-fueled world.  It is the reach and accessibility of technology that allows your business to move across borders.  This is why it becomes crucially important that your interaction with your customers in new markets is a quality experience.  At Translation.ie we work with many tech-enabled companies who are moving into new markets.  We help them adapt their software and interfaces to ensure a seamless interaction with new customers, without needing engineering changes.  We are WMPL compatible which simply means we can adapt and automate many of the processes required.

These are some typical examples of Localization projects:

  • International Marketing Consulting
  • Creative brief & concept development for local area digital and advertising agencies
  • Marketing messaging, scripts, taglines and body copy
  • Image & Visual recommendations
  • Website creation & automation
  • Art layout considerations & recommendations
  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization