Legal Translation & Services

What does EN 17100 Certification mean, anyway?

Legal documents and proceedings need to be translated with precision.  In many cases this will call for Certified Translations.  We are certified to EN 17100:2015, quality standard for translation service providers, this is the world-wide standard for the certification of translation processes. This is independently verified by a third party and every legal translation must meet this standard.  So we guarantee it.  It is a special class of translator who will handle these assignments.  They must be knowledgeable in legal language and have had in-depth experience translating these kind of documents.

These are some examples of Legal/Certified Translation that we do for our clients:

Law is a language all its own

It is not enough to simply translate what’s on the page.  Our translators must understand the legal context and importance of the documents and correspondence they are working with.

There is usually a lot riding on translating these kind of documents.  A local business looking to merge or be acquired by a foreign firm.  A last will and testament of a loved one.  Important legal documents pertaining to adoption, real estate, purchase agreements.  It is vitally important that these are handled intelligently and with precision.   Our translators at are specially selected and trained.  Our certification ensures the highest quality standards.