Interpreting has a service for every need provides interpreting and translation services on-site at your location.   The following are just some of the scenarios where you might need our services.  We work with you to determine the best set-up for your specific translation and interpreter needs.


  • Business Meetings & Transactions (here)
  • Appointments (medical, legal/judicial)
  • Government Process or Procedures
  • Community and Social Engagements  (here)
  • Educational & Workplace Training
  • On-site Testing (here)
  • Human Resource Language testing (here)
  • Conferences (here)

Speaking of conferences, below are few different ways we can provide translation and language services for conferences of many sizes and types.

Simultaneous Interpreting:

Simultaneous interpretation is translation that happens at the same time as someone is speaking.  This is most commonly used for conferences, large corporate meetings, legal proceedings or even live broadcasts. READ MORE.

Consecutive Interpreting:

Consecutive Interpreting is translation that occurs in natural breaks of a person speaking.  This is mostly used for Business Meetings, Medical Appointments, Legal Proceedings, Health & Safety Training or Governmental Dealings,  READ MORE.

Telephone Interpreting:

Sometimes you might need translation for phone calls or teleconferences.  Our professional 24/7 telephone interpreting service enables you to communicate with anyone around the world in an instant. READ MORE.

Sign Language Interpreting:

There are times when language must be translated not only into a spoken language but into sign language.  We are proud to be working side-by-side with some of the most qualified Sign Language Interpreters in the world. READ MORE.

For detailed information, please visit the “Interpreting By Need” Or “Interpreting By Speciality” pages, browse our FAQ’s  or Contact Us.