Court Interpreter Training Course


      This training course aims to help interpreters deliver high quality interpreting services to the Irish courts.


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      What Will I Learn?

      • A comprehensive understanding of the Irish courts.
      • The knowledge required to deliver high quality interpreting services for the Irish courts.

      Topics for this course

      15 Lessons

      Lesson 1 – Who’s Who in the Courtroom in a Criminal Case

      Activity 1 – Watch this video to understand the roles of various people involved in a court case3:45
      Activity 2 – Read a chart that details the roles of various people in a courtroom
      Lesson 1 Quiz 1
      Activity 3 – Understanding the terms used in the courtroom
      Activity 4 – Understanding the structure of the courts
      Lesson 1 Quiz 2

      Lesson 2 – Criminal Cases in the District Court

      Lesson 3 – Criminal Trial

      Lesson 4 – Mock Trial Shadowing Practices

      Lesson 5 – Interpreting in the Courts


      Material Includes

      • Audio, video, images and text.


      • Read through the training materials you received.

      Target Audience

      • court interpreters that want to become professional.