Internship Positions

Internship positions are accepted from university students internationally whose requirements must consist of relevant work experience. We have an arrangement for training with some universities and student organisations who participate in various schemes such as Erasmus or Leonardo Da Vinci and other programmes related to business, languages and software development.

We have a policy of ensuring that any internship placement is managed fairly and that an equivalent amount of specialist work training is completed while you spend time at, thus, very short-term placements are not always suitable. We also sign up to a code of conduct for internship placements that are to the benefit of the student. thus we get a number of request every year from colleges, and we cant afford to take everybody, as much and as all as we would like to.

Please remember, we are headquartered in Ireland and the working language will be English, great if your studies include English as a course of study and very advantageous too, but you must be confident that your English is of a sufficiently high standard so that you can operate effectively to improve your English and get the most from the work experience by the end of the term you spend with us.

Students studying for higher award such as a Masters (MA, MSc or MBA) are free to choose projects that accompany their work experience, this is true for studies in languages and translation as well as business and software development, we encourage students to publish their work in these areas for your own benefit, we can assign relevant projects to you according to the requirements for your college and your required work experience or you can come to us with a project idea of your own to discuss them with us. These are our undertakings to you to ensure you get the most from your time with us, this is after all your education.

Please contact us or go through your college to ask them to contact us and we can take it from there. Please don’t send an email directly to the HR department as internship applications are handled by each department differently.

The best of luck in your exams and congratulations for getting this far, we do hope you are stepping out into a successful, exciting and rewarding career path.