Quality Accreditation

Let’s talk a little more about accreditation and what it means

We span the globe when it comes to the languages we translate. From Arabic to Zande, we have extensive experience translating and localising material in more than 200 languages.

So what does ISO 9001:2015 & EN17100:2015 have to do with it?

We hold quality accreditations ISO 9001:2015 and EN17100:2015 which ensures the quality of our work and services. These accreditations set the standard for quality and accuracy in translation and language services.  It means that we can guarantee that services are fully certified.

quality accreditation translation.ieEN17100 is a European quality  accreditation that sets the standard for translation service providers (TSPs). It is used by the EU as the benchmark for quality translation. EN17100 lays out strict guidelines for Translation Service Providers to follow during each stage of their process.  

We meticulously adhere to the three primary requirements of this quality standard:

  • quality translationsUse of only experienced & qualified translators.
  • A second translator to review all work to ensure accuracy and quality.
  • A requirement for the reviewer to have translation experience in the subject matter being translated.

EN 17100 also outlines the specific processes used for the entire management of each translation project.  This process starts with acceptance of the order all the way through to final delivery.  Further to this, it specifies the need for the right technology and communication equipment.  It also sets a standard for a documented Quality Management System, which is where ISO 9001 comes in.

What it comes down to, is that these accreditations ensure that you are receiving a high-end service from accomplished translators, editors, and proofreaders;  working in an ethical and customer-oriented manner.

View our ISO9001 Certificate and ISO17100 Certificates.

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