Marketing Content & Transcreation

Marketing is a Global Business

It is a modern age for global branding and marketing.  Brands have consolidated their strategies to be used across the world, in many cultures and every language.  While they ‘think globally’, they must act locally.  Marketing is its own art-form.  Direct translation is not going to get the job done. 

Context & Culture is the most important thing for global marketing

Marketers and agencies work with us to make sure their marketing content carries the same tone and meaning in every language.  Translation is about replacing the words with identical ones from a different language.  Transcreation is about conveying the same message and idea in a way that is culturally and linguistically relevant for that market.  Our ‘Transcreationists’ are, In fact, not just translators but also cultural advisers.

Even small businesses go global!

Small businesses are now capable of doing international trade.  Multilingual marketing represents a significant competitive advantage that opens up new sales opportunities and consumer segments.

E-Commerce & websites are the windows to world markets

When it comes to transcreation of a company’s website, we have integrated solutions for the most popular Content Management Systems. This means that we can automate the content production and delivery process in multiple languages efficiently and in a timely manner.  For international trade, it’s important that your website operate effectively in many languages.

These are the kinds of projects we do in the area of Transcreation & Marketing Service.

  • International Marketing Consulting
  • Creative brief & concept development for local area digital and advertising agencies
  • Marketing messaging, scripts, taglines and body copy
  • Image & Visual recommendations
  • Website creation & automation
  • Art layout considerations & recommendations
  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization