Liaison Interpreting

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Liaison InterpretingAt, we provide Liaison Interpreting services also known as Bilateral Interpreting to suit your particular needs. This type of interpretation allows real time interaction between two or more parties. This allows meaningful communication back and forth, in real time. Liaison interpreting is mainly used during business meetings, interviews or negotiations that involve two or more participants; while it does lend itself best to small groups.

Our Liaison Interpreters

Bilateral Interpreting Ireland
Our interpreters are proficient in both languages and will interpret efficiently; switching easily between the two languages. Liaison interpreters can interpret after a natural pause in a short speech, or after each sentence is completed. This is ideal for confidential or sensitive situations where effective communication is key; such as in counselling or therapy settings.
Liaison interpreting requires training, experience and a great deal of skill. Each of our interpreters are able to convey thoughts, expressions and nuances from the source language into phrasings of comparable meaning in the target language and vice versa.
The interpreter’s goal is to precisely convey the semantics, tone and register of the communication between participants. After all, Communication in Any Language is the cornerstone on which is built. Each of our interpreters takes their responsibility to help people communicate across languages to heart.

Why choose liaison interpreting?

No specialist equipment is needed for liaison interpreting but notes may be taken to enable a thorough review of the negotiations. Interpreters destroy all notes at the conclusion of the session.
Liaison Interpretation is suitable for informal meetings between private individuals, small business meetings or counselling sessions. However there is also a fun and informal side to liaison interpreting, including assisting at functions and weddings or acting as a chaperone for someone visiting a country whose language they do not speak. In the latter scenarios, our liaison interpreters will blend into the setting as seamlessly as possible to ensure an enjoyable experience for all in attendance.

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