Conference Interpreting

Conference Interpreting

conference interpreting provides a real time interpreting service for conferences of all sizes and types. Whether you’re managing an international event such as a European Union conference or an intercultural business meeting or even a medical convention we have conference interpreting solutions for you!

Whenever you have groups of people coming together who don’t speak the same language, we provide seamless communication for all attendees. We don’t employ a ‘one size fits all’ approach but rather use individual methods of interpretation for each event. We take factors such as size, makeup, the needs of the speakers and the audience into account to offer a solution to suit your requirements. Each of the solutions requires highly trained and specialised linguists, booking in advance is essential to ensure your needs are met. 

Our Conference Interpreting System

simultaneous interpretation systemOur Conference Interpreting System consists of at least one soundproof booth for each language, microphones for the interpreters, earphones for the audience and an audio technician. It is the most sophisticated form of interpretation and interpreters generally work in pairs for each language. This can be scaled down according to the nature of the conference, the set-up, the speakers and the number of attendees. We also supply Video Remote Interpreting solutions and remote dial-in interpreting services for certain scenarios when required.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is suited for either large or small meetings or groups and is done at the same time as the person is speaking, with the speech or message being relayed simultaneously from the source language to the target language.
This type of interpreting is most commonly used for conferences, corporate meetings, legal proceedings and live broadcasts and can be quite effective in instances where there is an abundance of information to be conveyed and/or more efficient time management is desired.
For smaller setups, we’re pleased to have some alternative, more cost effective options such as:

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting (aka Chuchotage)

language interpretation systemWhispered Simultaneous Interpreting is also done in real time, where the interpreter sits with an individual or in a small audience and whispers to the individual or group. This method is best for individuals or a few people and may be carried out without any specialist equipment depending on the numbers involved in the exchange. Whispering interpreting is best used for legal proceedings, small business meetings, business liaison, and any other situation where there are a small number of participants.

If preferred, a headset and microphone equipment for small groups is available to enhance the experience and reduce any issues experienced in larger groupings, as a low cost alternative to a full interpreting booth with an audio technician.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive Interpreting is face to face interpreting and is useful in many situations such as business meetings, medical appointments, legal consultations, community interpreting, health & safety training, civil registration, and many more. In this scenario, the interpreter waits until the speaker pauses before interpreting. At, our interpreters are trained to use memory techniques to relay accurate translations upon pausing of the speaker.

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